Dig or Die​​
Written by my father, Kenneth Redline, Dig or Die is a first-hand account of the life of an American soldier in World War I.  Emmett (Judy) Redding and his buddies train under French officers to emerge as one of the most effective units in the war, fighting their way, battle by battle, from Cantigny to the Meuse-Argonne and the armistice.  Judy and his comrades-in-arms experience trench warfare with all of its hardships – mud, rats, lice, freezing temperatures and lack of food, to say nothing of the hazards of constant shelling, machine gun fire, hand grenades, flame throwers, mustard gas and automatic rifles.

They endure the adversity, grow as men and soldiers, and experience the stark realities of modern warfare, destined to carry with them scars, both physical and psychological, for the rest of their lives. When a chance interlude in Paris introduces Judy to French culture in the person of a beautiful but mysterious young French woman, their destinies entwine and they move through the war hoping only to survive to live once more in peace.
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Redfield Farm​
Ann and Jesse Redfield, Quaker brother and sister, harbor a hatred of slavery is as hard as Pennsylvania limestone. Ann’s devotion to her older brother runs deep, so when he gets involved in the Underground Railroad, Ann asks no questions. She joins him in the struggle. Together they lie, sneak, masquerade and defy their way past would-be enforcers of the hated Fugitive Slave Law. Their dedication to the cause inevitably leads to complicated relationships with their fellow Quakers, pro-slavery neighbors, and with the fugitives themselves. Redfield Farm is a tale of compassion, dedication and love, steeped in the details of another time, but resonant with implications for today’s world. The author brings a deep understanding of the details of the Underground Railroad which lend authenticity and truth to this tale of a life well-lived and a love well-founded.

Amazon Best Seller – Translated into German, Dutch and Norwegian – under consideration as a major motion picture – Chosen by two cities as a “One Book, One Community” selection.
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A novel of the 1889 Johnstown Flood, the worst disaster in American history until Pearl Harbor.  Fifty years after an earthen dam collapsed sending a thirty-foot wall of raging destruction down on the city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Pamela McRae looks back on the tragedy. In this decades-deep story of loss and struggle against loss, we find a heroine to respect, and a path to recovery. 

Waterproof looks at how people adjust to tragedy in their lives -- whether they try to pick up and keep going,  nurse their hurts and seek revenge, or lose themselves in despair.  Pamela's own life is disrupted in many ways, but she refuses to give herself over to hatred and bitterness. Instead, with the help of Katya, a Hungatian runaway, she navigates her way to a position of trust and respect in the community and perhaps finds love along the way.

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Looking For Jane​​​​
A chance encounter with a dime novel exhorting the exploits of Calamity Jane, heroine of the west, gives Nell, a young orphan in 1890s Pennsylvania, the purpose of her life.  Convinced that Calamity Jane is her mother, Nell sets out, following one river after another from Pennsylvania all the way to Deadwood, South Dakota, looking for Jane.  Along the way she meets Jeremy Chatterfield, handsome, debonair and footloose, and the two follow their fortunes through adventure and encounter to what Nell hopes will be a loving mother-daughter reunion.

Their adventures include an encounter with a 19th century tent meeting revivalist, a traveling circus, numerous Native Americans and a doctor intent on 'fixing' Nell's cleft palate.  If you've ever wanted to hop in a boat and follow your river wherever it takes you, this is your book.

2016 One Book Arizona
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The Juniata Iron Trilogy​​​​
A three-volume family saga across three generations of a 19th century iron-producing family in central Pennsylvania.
Volume 1 -- The Furnace
Volume 2 -- Brothers
Full Circle
Through the first half of the nineteenth century, on a self-sufficient iron plantation in the wilds of Western Pennsylvania, Adam and Elinor struggle to establish a life, disentangle a complex relationship, and breathe life into a derelict furnace. Ellie's father arranges the match to the satisfaction of everyone but Ellie.  Joined by circumstance, Adam and Ellie strive to make the best of an ill-conceived marriage and survive the many ups and downs of a promising but elusive pot of gold.
Laird MacPhail, son of the slain iron master at Etna Furnace, struggles to come to terms with change: First the death of his father at the hands of an unknown assailant, then the realization that the mantle of responsibility for the whole iron plantation rests on his shoulders. Knowing that neither of his brothers will take responsibility, Laird puts away his dreams and gets to work. But the country is in turmoil that will ultimately lead to war and suffering not yet imagined
Sarah MacPhail,  heiress of the Mt. Etna Iron Company, is pretty, bright and in love with Phillip Chamberlain, a talented poet and professor at Juniata College. All looks promising until…one by one her dreams come crashing down, her illusions fade and she is left with responsibility for what remains of the once thriving iron plantation and her younger brother, Ned, who people describe in their kindest way as odd.  Sarah rises to the challenge, even though the iron industry is declining and Ned proves unmanageable. Sarah learns, to her chagrin, that “a loss is worse than a lack."
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