Judith Redline Coopey
                                         Here I am in all my bathing beauty                                                       splendor, doing what I love most: floating                                           on a river. This is the Raystown Branch of                                            the Juniata River in western                                                                    Pennsylvania  where I spent much of my                                             youth.  

                                         My story is simple -- I was the youngest of                                          eight (and, no, I was NOT the spoiled baby), grew up in a 
working class family in Altoona and Williamsburg, PA, loved to read and saw writing as the highest calling. Both of my parents were readers, and my dad even wrote a novel about his experiences in World War I (see the 'Books' page), so the inspiration was there from the start.  

I won a scholarship to Penn State (best thing that ever happened to me because it led to all the other best things), and, apprehensive about trying to make it as a writer, chose to become a teacher of history, another high calling. 
No regrets there, either. I loved every minute I spent in the classroom.

Then there was marriage, children, grandchildren and life kept going along carrying me with it. I wrote a little here and there, attended writers' conferences, published a few articles. I never let the dream die, but when I retired from teaching, I knew it was time to write or go home, so I started writing and haven't stopped since. 

Historical fiction is my genre -- no bodice-ripping romances for me -- just well researched interesting stories of those who've gone before. I write the kind of stories I like to read: of strong people facing the challenges, life lays before them, following their inner light and living responsible lives. 

Still floating after all these years