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Judith Redline Coopey
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The Juniata River near Mt Etna as it looks today.
Sluice pipes along Roaring Run at Mt Etna.  These pipes diverted water from Roaring Run to turn the overshot wheel at the mill.
This is the Clover Creek Quarry where I spent many a summers day.
Etna Furnace as it appeared after the demise of the iron industry
Overview of the flood damage at Johnstown.  This is the debris field behind the railroad bridge, visible in the distance.
Damaged buildings in downtown Johnstown after the 1889 Johnstown Flood. This is one of the sights Pamela Gwynedd would have seen in Waterproof
Blackburn cabin which is the setting for Redfield Farm
Proclamation and Key to the City of Altoona presented to me in 2013.  Appropriately, the key to the city of Altoona is a railroad spike.
Badlands of South Dakota where Nell and Jeremy lost Obadiah in Looking For Jane
Badlands of South Dakota.  How would you like to have to cross them? Nell and Jeremy did.
Sign commemorating the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota where Addie lost her life in Looking For Jane.
Downtown Deadwood, South Dakota as it looks today.  Many of these same buildings would have been there when Nell arrived "Looking For Jane"
     Cpl. Kenneth Redline 
1st Regiment, U.S. Engineers
Ken Redline in France -- WWI
Ken and buddies on the Western Front
Juniata River                        Roaring Run              Clover Creek Quarry
Etna Furnace                    Johnstown Flood               
Redfield Farm              Key to the City of Altoona          Badlands, SD                  Badlands, SD                                                                                                 
      Wounded Knee, S.D.            Deadwood, S.D.
    Johnstown Flood